Subaru Freeskiing World Tour Championships in Snowbird, UT

By Powderhound Matt Mar 10, 2011
March 8-13 come watch the worlds best skiers absolutely give it their all on Snowbirds North Baldy.

I arrived at Snowbird at 8:15 on Monday morning, after a solid 16 inches of new snow. I was so excited to get out there and charge the hill, that I left my gopro camera in the car. So for the first four laps on North Baldy Monday, I remained cameraless.

In my opinion, the Baldy hike at Snowbird offers the longest, steepest and often deepest turns of any in bounds hike in Utah. After what feels like less then a five minute hike, skiers and riders are rewarded over and over again with deep pow turns.

After hammering out my favorite shots all morning long I decided to head back to my car around noon, so I could put the below video together.  I had intended to shoot an entire lap from the base of the resort, loading and exiting the tram, skiing to the hike, finishing the hike, then skiing the exact lines that the athletes competing in the Subaru Freeskiing World Championship will be skiing on this week and weekend.  I wanted the viewer to get a feel for just how long and challenging this terrain is. Now mind you, I wasn't planning on hucking anything over 10 feet, but these guys and girls sure will. The massive cliff drops they throw down are just frightening to watch but super exciting. So once back at the car, with my vision all mapped out, i noticed that the camera had been running in my back seat the entire time morning. So now, not only did I miss the first epic tracks of the day but now I was dealing with a battery that was just about out of juice. Fortunately, I was able to squeeze every last second out of that little sucker and almost get all the footage i needed.  


These were the conditions right around noon Monday. You can imagine what the first 4 laps must have looked like.   As I'm posting this it's hammering out again and Tuesday is shaping up to be epic day especially after another 10-20 inches of the white stuff currently falling from the sky. 

If you get a chance, head over to Snowbird this week and ski North Baldy yourself. Right off the bat you'll get a feel for just how good these athletes competing in the US Freeskiing World Championships are. For more information on this weeks events check out the following link.  Did I mention this is my favorite spectator sporting event of all time? Pack a lunch, some snacks and a few cold ones and spend the day with the best big mountain skiers in the world. 


Above is a highlight video I shot last year during the competition.  If it's a sunny blue bird day again for the finals on North Baldy this event is seriously a DON'T MISS event.