Summer of SK8 - 2008

By Tim Roberts Jul 30, 2008

Well, summer is in full effect here in Utah and boy is it hot.  As you can tell, I have been doing more beer drinking in the backyard than posting on the blog, but, like everything it's good to take some time off so you can come back refreshed.

Speaking of time off, I've taken about a decade long break from serious skateboarding and this summer I've been making a comeback with a vengance.  With a crew of other older (ahem) shredders we've been making the rounds of the area parks dialing in old tricks and even getting some new ones.  I started skating when I was 9 years old and it pretty much ruled my adolescence and early 20's.  When I came to Utah, I kept skating but rock climbing started gaining more and more of my attention until it was consuming all my free time.  But, like an old flame, skating is back in my life and I'm loving it.  It's especially fun riding with my 2 year old.  He stands between my legs and I hold his hands and we carve it up.

Speaking of skating, I've added some info on a couple of new parks to the skate park database.  Oakley, out past Park City, is one sweet park.  The lines through that bowl are incredible and the concrete is perfect.  We had the place to ourselves for a while on Sunday morning and it was a blast.  I went to check out the new Copperview skate park in Murray, but, while I was taking photos for the website the sun set and they started kicking everyone out immediately.  So, I never even got a chance to drop in. Hopefully I'll get to hit up that place again this week.

This summer I also put together a video of some of my favorite footage from this past winter.  Check it out:

Look for more updates on the blog now that I'm getting sick of summer and getting excited for winter again.  Have ideas for or the blog?  Leave me a comment and I'll make it happen.