Sundance 2012

By Powderhound Cat Feb 4, 2011

You read it right, it isn’t a typo. Now that Sundance ‘11 is on the books, I’m going to fill you in on the real deal, show you how I rocked it this year, and get you ready to book your trip to Park City when 2012 rolls around (assuming the Mayan calendar is wrong are we’re all still here).


Not Your Typical Sundance Review


Let me break this down for you. I have heard the same thing every year around this time. Jokes about girls in heels, how to avoid Main Street. How to spot celebrities. I disagree with almost all of it. This isn’t a cut and pasted article about movies. Since Sundance happens around my birthday, I do all the things those lists advise against.


I drive downtown. I might have had to park on a bus route or get dropped off to walk/ cab it, but we always manage.


I go with a big group. We all get in somewhere. Not just somewhere - really great, amazing parties. I see great free events, movies, music, and this year even had incredible friends THROW their own Sundance party. Amazing.


I don’t hunt for celebrities. You find them when you aren’t looking. And you don’t need a picture to prove it. We believe you. And you look way cooler taking pics of yourself and your friends anyway. Be your own celebrity.


I wear heels and mini skirts. I endure all the “she’s not from here” and “isn’t that cold” to have fun and be dressed up (like I do whenever I go out in Park City) and express my own fashion. I do wear white to be the opposite of a PIB, but if you want to wear black, what’s stopping you?


I 24/7. I ski all day and party all night. Be exhilarated by the parties, not upset by them! Refine the art of the power nap, have a coffee. Don’t miss the days on the hill, or let the idea of chaos keep you away. It’s worth the effort to see the ski environment really amped up.


I get picky. As a local or a tourist, weigh your options before you commit to a high cover or crowded bar. You can be surprised by a free event or empty restaurant if you time it right. And when you’re with friends, you are your own good time! Just remember common courtesy and etiquette get you further than acting out - just like on the slopes!


It doesn’t take the Bing bar or Oprah sighting to make it worth coming out and having a look around if you haven’t all these years. I really hope I’m not the only one that feels this way - even if I am the only one saying it.


*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat