Sundance: A vacation from your vacation

By Powderhound Matt Jan 8, 2013
We live most people's vacation... so what can we do when we want to get away? Here's why you should try Sundance Resort.
Sundance: A vacation from your vacation

A vacation away from your vacation...


I love to tell people that I’m creating a bumper sticker that reads, “I live your vacation”.  The fact is... I kind of do. And when there’s a place called Sundance, Utah less than an hour away from Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah... you should definitely take the opportunity to vacation away from your vacation!  I’ll explain... 

Sundance is a quaint, beautiful, and rustic resort... that often gets left out of the Utah Super Resort conversation. It’s considerably smaller than the Park City mega resorts, it has fewer fine dining options than Main Street, and a lower base and summit elevation than other resorts in Utah. But... as my girlfriend and I learned this weekend... that does not take away from the real appeal of this location. Here’s why you should put Sundance on your radar.

The first reason is obvious as you drive into the resort’s canyon... the view.

Sundance sits at the bottom of Mount Timpanogas, one of the tallest peaks in the Northern Wasatch Range.  This peak looks like something you’d find in the Alps of Austria, it’s simply breathtaking... and you can see it from every angle of Sundance.

Reason number two: this place simply isn’t on a lot of people’s radars. Which as we learned is GREAT for lift lines! There really weren’t any. And what’s even cooler... they have a new lift right at the parking lot... so you can literally ski from your car... to the lift! It skis like a family resort, good for kids and adults alike. And right now, the place is covered in The Greatest Snow on Earth®! There was easily 40 inches at the base. We got to escape the craziness of the mega resort, pass up the crowds... like I said, a vacation from your vacation!

Reason number three: the lodging. The cabins are rustic, yet... sophisticated. Our room was one of 2 units in a stand alone cabin. It was all wood, with a wood burning fireplace at the foot of the bed... and that bed, was magnificent!  Each cabin, nestled in the mountain had beautiful views... we literally stepped out of our cabin to see wild turkeys walking across the street, and moose up on the hill. Each cabin is also just a short walk back to the base village.

Reason number four: The food. I mentioned earlier that Sundance doesn’t have all the fine dining options Park City has, but the ones they have don’t mess around. We stopped in for a drink at the Owl Bar after a day of skiing, and had amazing cocktails at the same bar where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were once regulars. (Suggestion: try the Rosemary Hot Toddy) That night, we hit the Tree Room for dinner, and were wowed not only by the presentation of our meals... but the taste was unreal. Everything was cooked to perfection... I literally tried to peel every last bit of meat off my rack of wild boar! The next morning... we went through round two of our gorge-fest at The Foundry Grill. It has won Best of State for their Sunday brunch... and we learned why. I devoured some prime rib and lamb along with my breakfast essentials... my girlfriend had a whole plate of dessert with her egg white omelet (keeping it healthy!)

Reason number 5: and this is a big one for me... the spa. Yeah, I said it. I went to a spa. I got my feet soaked in a warm bowl of sea salt water... and had a massage. Now, this process was not without some anxiety. This was my first time to ever get a massage... EVER. I didn’t know what to expect... and with the amount of skiing I do, let's just say... my toes leave A LOT to be desired. I was actually more worried about the poor girl who had to touch them than the embarrassment of her seeing them. Thankfully, my therapist assured me she’d seen much worse... and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole thing. I never thought I’d say this... but I really enjoyed my massage.

So... like I said... a vacation away from your vacation. Whether you decide to get away for a week, or just a weekend... this is the place to go if you want to enjoy a ski trip without the killer crowds. 

Don’t forget to try the spa...