Sundance Getaway

By Tim Roberts Mar 23, 2007

Yesterday I headed up to Sundance for some spring corn skiing. Sundance is nestled in the bottom of a mountain valley with steep beautiful mountains surrounding. Hilary made the observation that “Sundance is one of the only places in Utah where it looks like you are in Europe.” I checked in to the lodge before heading over to the Foundry Grill for a tasty feast. Then we headed rustic Owl Bar that I have heard so much about, for some cocktails. The next morning I took in more of the view from the deck and relaxed as the sun softened up the snow. Once the snow was starting to corn up, we headed up Ray’s Lift and cruised over to Arrowhead. We could tell from the lift the skiing was going to be awesome. We saw a guy making nice turns down a smooth sunny face. When we got there, the face was soft but not sloppy. Nice and smooth without bumps, we cruised some nice effortless turns down Bishop’s Bowl. Then we took Bishop’s Cat Track back around to the lift. With barely any people there, we could ski right on. Don’t be thrown off by the warm weather, the skiing is great! Right now the skiing starts to get good around eleven. Then it is best between about 12 to 2, before it starts to get sloppier. On really warm days the timetable can be earlier. Shaded area’s take longer to thaw, but can have better consistency later in the day. Today it was perfect at about 12:30 on sunny slopes. Sundance has awesome views and a relaxing atmosphere. For a real getaway without a far drive, cruise up to Sundance for a mellow mountain town vibe with voluptuous mountains.