Sundance Skiing in Park City and the Return of the POW!

By Powderhound Matt Jan 20, 2011
The crowds may be on Main Street during the Sundance Film Festival but they sure aren't on the mountain. Come on up and enjoy a mountain to yourself.

The Sundance Film Festival kicks off in Park City on Thursday and it’s no secret that some major celebrities and popular music acts will be in town over the next 11 days.  Acts like Snoop Dog, The Roots and Lauryn Hill are all scheduled to play at the World Famous Harry O’s nightclub. Some famous folks have actually already made their way into our restaurant.

In my opinion, the real secret isn’t which celebrities will attend which parties, but rather just how good the skiing and riding is up at Park City, Deer Valley and Canyons during the festival.  The truth is the majority of the local skiing population is working during the festival, helping to make sure the bars, restaurants, theaters and shops all stay open from bell to bell.  Even Powderhounds like myself don’t make it up on the hill during the festival because quite frankly, I’m just too tired.  Working 15-18 hour days 10 days in a row just takes its toll on you. 

That being said, come on up to any of the resorts and get your ski on, the mountains are empty simply because everyone thinks town is just way to busy with festival-goers.  Who knows, maybe you’ll share a chairlift and have a conversation with a Hollywood celebrity? I know plenty of people who did last year.

Oh, and did I mention it dumped Wednesday morning!  It’s official the Powder has RETURNED to the Wasatch. Check it out… 


More snow on the way this weekend! Check out the forecast.