Swiping Right On a New Resort

By Powderhound Dane Jan 21, 2019
To keep your relationship with a ski resort fresh and exciting, why not try out a few new ones every now and again?
Swiping Right On a New Resort

Today’s the day. Your first date. You’ve been thinking about this date ever since you swiped right and made plans to get together. Anxiously, you’ve been awaiting your opportunity to see them in person, instead of on a screen. Wondering what they actually look like, and maybe you’ll even try and sneak a glance at their backside. Are they playful and exciting? Dull and boring? It’s simply hard to say through a phone. But all of these thoughts get answered today!

Obviously, I am referring to your first day of skiing at a new (to you) ski resort. Going to a new resort is a lot like modern dating in that you get to see multiple options on a screen before meeting your perfect match. In the world of Instagram and Facebook, we are constantly seeing photos of people skiing at resorts we have longed to go to but have only heard second-hand reviews about. When you do decide to finally go to a new place, you kind of feel like you are cheating on old faithful by checking out a different resort. You have been a diehard Alta Ski Area skier for the past decade, and you’re not really sure if you are willing to go next door to Snowbird. Especially because Alta can watch you plainly cheating just down the road. Or maybe you are a stubborn New Englander that refuses to accept that the skiing in Utah is any good (it is) and aren’t willing to travel across the country to do something you can do on a rope tow at the farm down the road.

Whatever the case, take my advice and cheat on your favorite resort at least once. It is important to both remind yourself of why you love a particular resort, and explore some of the great options that others may have to offer. If I have you convinced thus far, allow me to make some suggestions for places to try:

1. If you are someone who likes excellent groomer skiing, technical off-piste terrain, and/or low crowd numbers, try making a trip to Solitude Mountain Resort and you will not be disappointed. The groomed runs at Solitude are all very well maintained with good variety in pitch as well as twists and turns. If you like to venture off the groomed runs, check out some of the terrain offered off the Summit Chair in the Headwall Forest and Honeycomb Canyon. You’ll be sure to find fresh tracks even days after a storm.

2. Mad River Glenn skier? Don’t care to be around snowboarders? Get your skiers only vibes at either Deer Valley Resort or Alta Ski Area. Though very different from each other, Deer Valley and Alta are sure to give you a unique Utah ski experience. Be sure to check out Deer Valley if you want to ski pristine groomed runs and an excellent ski school to put the kids in for the day. Otherwise, head over to Alta to get more of the old school ski hill scene with a wide variety of terrain types and incredible views of the Cottonwood Canyons.

3. Powder Mountain. The name should really be enticing enough to draw you half an hour from Ogden and only an hour from the Salt Lake City International Airport. Pow Mow boasts 8,000+ skiable acres and limits its daily ticket sales to 1,500, meaning there is more powder to be found with fewer skiers on the mountain. Lap the playful terrain off the Paradise Chair, catch a ride in the Snowcat to get to some of the mountain’s more technical terrain, or just cruise the groomers on this unique upside down resort where the lodge is at the top of the mountain. When you’re done skiing, be sure to pop into the Powder Keg for some après ski drinks, ramen, and live music. 

Well, there you have it: a short guide to cheating on your home resort. Remember that this is only a short list of options. The remaining mountains scattered throughout Utah are sure to provide you with just as much fun as any of the ones I have mentioned above. Why not try and hit all 13?! In the end, your home mountain will always accept you back with open arms regardless of how many times you cheated.