Team Utah in the City Weekly

By Tim Roberts Feb 11, 2010
Team Utah mentors and instructs kids in competition snowboarding

Great article on Team Utah that is working to train the snowboard athletes of the future thoughout the state.

How’s this for a dream come true for snowboarders: You (or your kid) gets accepted to Team Utah. As a team member, there’s personalized coaching for $10 an hour, six hours a day, six days a week—you choose the days and the hours. You have a team room to hang out in, where you (or your sons or daughters) can play video games with your teammates and get expert video analysis of your own runs in the park or halfpipe. You can also go on group trips to other resorts for a fraction of what it would cost you on your own. You can learn filming and how to get a job in the snowboard industry, at no extra charge.

That’s Team Utah, a new statewide, nonprofit organization just established at five resorts: Park City, Snowbird, Sundance, Brighton and The Canyons. Riders can choose any resort at which to train.

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