Thanksgiving storm marching in!

By Mountain Mama Nov 23, 2015
It has been a good start to the ski season. Resorts opening on schedule, storms on cue and just in time for the holiday weekend...a bigger storm moving in!
Thanksgiving storm marching in!

Here we are Thanksgiving week and I have to admit, I'm a bit disorganized! Emily has started in with her ski team, Mother Nature is delivering just fine, but she has caught me off guard! This past week  Park City, Alta, Snowbird, Solitude, Brian Head and Brighton opened up on schedule. In fact, Snowbird opened the Tram on the opening day which hasn't happened in over 4 years. I better get it together because the storm rolling in has the potential to to drop a lot of Utah's "greatest snow on earth"!

Here's the key for these big, cold storms...the ingredients:

1. Cold air: Check

2. Front/low pressure: Check. Cutting off over Utah

3. Moisture in place: Got it

Get here early and enjoy! This one should drop feet of snow and....the parade is lining up! Saturday night-Sunday, Monday-Tuesday (Nov 30-Dec 1st) and possibly December 3rd. This is what we need...the parade. Each storm rolls in, dumps snow, groomers can pack down the base, another storm..... For early season, this is key to packing a tight base that sits all year.

If you have a little extra reading time, here is the latest El Nino discussion. There has been the buzz over the last few weeks of the "strongest El Nino in years." It is strong. For Utah, it can go either way with snow amounts. We can sit close to normal, above or below..I know not a great answer. However, Mom Nature seems to be swinging toward a good snow winter for us. With weather, I've learned to watch trends, watch the satellite, watch storm tracks. Fingers crossed!

Happy Thanksgiving!