That Was Some Sick Day at Solitude

By Kendall Jan 30, 2008
That Was Some Sick Day at Solitude

If you missed my SICK day alert yesterday I hope that you didn't miss taking a sick day today as it was SICK in the good sense.

I remember my first winter living in Park City during the 96-97 season. During the month of January there was a string of 18 powder days in a row. After anywhere from 6"-18" overnight, most days dawned bluebird. Sometime after noon it would begin to cloud up and start to snow through the night until the next morning when it would bluebird again. It was like Christmas every day.

After about day 10 it was absolutely absurd to be honest with you. Days blurred together, deep powder runs were obscured in the grey mater by the shear volume of them and every local who dared call himself a local came out of the woodwork to participate in this once in a lifetime event. Little did we know that it would happen a mere 11 years later.

It was while driving to Solitude this morning that I remembered those bluebird days of January 1997. When I hit the sack last night there was no way I could have imagined it dawning bluebird. Solitude had reported 11" yesterday and another 14" overnight. It's like I had traveled back in time.

Honeycomb didn't open but it wasn't necessary. A couple of laps off Powder Horn and the Headwall of the Summit Lift got us started. Upon arriving at the top of Summit Nick turned to me saying, "Feel like going to church today?" and I knew it was time to head to the Cathedral for worship. After that, the morning was a blur of untracked lines and cliff hucks. I wish you knew how good Solitude was today, but I'm kinda glad you don't.


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