The Deer Valley way.... Brennan becomes a Fawn!

By Mountain Mama Feb 4, 2011
The Deer Valley way.... Brennan becomes a Fawn!

We've been lucky to head out and ski whenever we want. Now, if  only Brennan would get up to speed, it would be so much easier...  Guess what?  He's up!

We drove to Park City for Emily's Saturday Adventure as we do every Saturday. Unlike last Saturday, this Saturday was beautiful!  Salt Lake is prone to get an inversion that settles in, so we all head to the mountains.  The high was pushing 50 degrees!  Perfect to head to Deer Valley.  It was almost February and I had not skied Deer Valley yet. Yes, I know...

So, Emily is all sorted out for her lesson.  Remember on these "spring" skiing conditions...the kids need suncreen and don't overdress them.  Guess what, I forgot sunscreen and Em was roasting.  Brennan is signed up for the Fawn program at Deer Valley.  He is going into the daycare first and then he will get a one on one hour-long lesson sometime throughout the day.  The beauty of Deer Valley is if you have an infant, no problem.  They take kids as young as 2 months old.  This means even Mom gets a break and can ski all day.  They have an extensive daycare facility and it is very secure. 

At Deer Valley, not much walking involved.  Doesn't matter where you park, there is a little shuttle you take to the front.  Keep in mind, with a boy, riding the "trolley" is a big deal.  We get up to the daycare and we sign Brennan in.  You'll want to make advance reservations and you can fill out all your paperwork online.  It will make it much quicker for you to get the kids in.  You'll get an invisible stamp on your hand and have to sign in to get to the secured area where your children are.  A very comforting feeling for a parent.  We get Bren sorted out. His cubby is already labeled and ready to go.  If you don't have equipment, you can rent it and have it for the kids.  Again, go to the reservations page and fill out your paperwork ahead of time.  When you've got a three-year-old with you, the faster the better.  We've got our own equipment all year from Ski n' See, so away we go to check-in.  Bren will hang out with the kids and wait for his private lesson.  I'm in luck as he is scheduled to go out soon with Greg.  I am able to chat with Greg about Bren's ability and to meet them outside to observe.  The great thing about Deer Valley is that the classes are small.  Brennan has a one on one, but if he went into the class above, which is when he's four-years-old (in just over a month), he advances to the Bambi program.  In this program, he is with only one other child.  You can read up on the programs and also note the discounted rate for equipment rentals for the programs.  Emily was in the Bambi program last year and did great!  Loved the 2 to 1 ratio!
Bren off chairlift (dscn2574)Listening to greg (dscn2576)

Bren in the Fawn (dscn2581)on chairlift (dscn2584)

So, I wait outside just far enough away so Bren can't see me.  Here they come!  I don't know why, but I'm so excited. I was with Emily as well, but I still think of Brennan as my "baby", so I'm nervous.  I explained to Greg that Bren needs to be pushed a little, don't coddle him! It is good to explain these things to instructors.  You know your child; if they work better with a female or male, let ski school know that. If they are scared, strong or a cryer....let them know.  It helps them better handle your child.  Brennan can do this.  I tell Greg, he's off edgie wedgies and off the magic carpet.  So, up the lift they go.  I race ahead and thank goodness, Brennan can't see me!  He's got his little Fawn vest on and looks so cute!  Greg tests him at the top of Wide West run (the bunny hill) to see if he can stop.  He's good and away they go!   Video tells the story!   He is cruising down the hill.  By the bumpy video, you can see I had a hard time keeping up!  There are little obstacle courses set up and a little area with little bumps.  They do it all, first run!   What!!  He's doing so great and Greg is awesome with him.  Tough works!  I take two runs and then it's my turn.
scenic dv (dscn2591)

If you've not been to Deer Valley, you're missing out!  The views are beautiful and the facilities are like no other.  Just go there for the food!  It is a gorgeous day and I have to watch my time, so I'm just cruising and taking my time.  I want to talk about the Panini.  I stop at Empire Lodge and so has everyone else.  Soaking up the sun is so nice!  I'm still dreaming about the Panini!  It doesn't matter if you get a piece of bread at Deer Valley, it will be the best bread you've ever had!

After an enjoying afternoon, I go get Bren.  He is all smiles and is snacking with his friend.  He had lunch.  Now, this is Deer Valley, there's no chicken strips and fries. It's chicken parm for the kids.  Yep, even they get the royal treatment.  I'm able to chat with Greg about Bren's lesson and he gets his report card.  I check Brennan out, he gets a Deer Valley coloring book and away we go back to the "trolley" to get Emily at Park City Mountain Resort (which is only five minutes away).

Back to Park City Mountain Resort where Emily is pooped out from her day.  She's had a big day taking on blue slopes like a champion!  Lacey mentioned she fell behind a little, but good for you Emily for hanging in there!  I'm so proud of both the kids!!

If you're looking for a discount on rentals, head to the Ski n' See reservations page.  In the promo code, type in PREFER and you'll get a 25% discount on their preferred skis.  I am now skiing on this ski for the month of February and I want to say it is my favorite ski so far.  For someone who is not a great skier, I have to say this year I've noticed a difference in the different levels of skis.  So, maybe Ski Utah will make me a skier after all!