The Final Countdown

By Powderhound Matt May 20, 2014
How do you know ski season is wrapping up? Here’s my top five.
The Final Countdown

Yup, I get that question all the time, especially from those folks who are out of towners. It’s actually pretty normal for us to be skiing in Utah around Memorial Day. During those epic winters, Snowbird has actually kept their lifts spinning until the Fourth of July! In fact 4 years ago, I actually skied Little Cloud Bowl on August 4th!  While I don’t see that happening this year, what I do foresee is people having a hell of a good time skiing at the Bird this weekend. 

After logging over 120 days this season, I’m still not ready to throw in the towel. But the final countdown is here. Snowbird is open for skiing four more days this season. Friday - Monday if you are so inclined.  If you’re wondering what to expect check out this edit Powder Posse member Adam Fehr threw together last season on closing day. 



 How do you know Ski Season is wrapping up? Here’s my Top Five. 


5.  Chicks in bikinis: Yeah, you can thank me later dudes. 

4.  Awesome Apres Ski: The Tram Deck is the place to be for Apres Ski. Live music, sun shine and cold beers. What more can you ask for? Don’t forget to stash a pair of flip flops on the deck. Trust me you’ll be glad you’ve got them. 

3.  Insanely bad sunburns: Bring your sunblock! Don’t be that guy.

2.  Double Backflips galore: On your way out to Road to Provo, don’t be afraid to pull up and watch the action on the Wave. Rippers are throwing down their insanely honed  skills. Some of these kids will seriously blow your mind, others will crash pretty hard... Either way I can guarantee you’ll be entertained. BE WARNED, CHECK YOUR LANDING BEFORE SENDING THE WAVE!

1.  Natural Pond Skim Party: Every year it seems to be in a different spot, so don’t be afraid to ask. My opinion; this is the best party party I’ve ever been to at 9,500 feet.