Game Changer: The First After-Hours Injury Clinic

By Yeti Jan 19, 2017
If your day on the slopes didn't go quite as planned there's a convenient new solution. The Orthopaedic Injury Clinic in Salt Lake is the first walk-in, after-hours injury clinic of its kind.
Game Changer: The First After-Hours Injury Clinic

Skiing and snowboarding are sports that keep people active for a lifetime, sports that bring the family together over the holidays or for a chance to slow down, breathe in some fresh mountain air and help you unplug from the day-to-day busy pace. However, sometimes the sport we love that involves sliding around on snow can deliver some unwanted suprises—like an injury. And often, most yardsales or ski crashes take place in the afternoons when your body is tired and fatigued. Fortunately, there's a new Orthopaedic Injury Clinic that offers same-day, walk-in appointments with convenient after hours for any skier or snowboarder. This first of its kind facility with the University of Utah Health Care offers the following walk-in hours: 

Monday–Thursday: 4pm–8pm
Friday: noon–6pm

While we hope you never need to visit the Orthopaedic Injury Clinic, this flexible new model in injury treatment is a breath of fresh air for locals as well as those on vacation. 

“What we are seeing most often though are injuries that have been present less than a day or so. We are able to help these people avoid long waits in the emergency department and get the specialized care they need.”—Joy English, MD, the Medical Director of the Orthopaedic Injury Clinic. 

Simply put, this new health care model is an all-star in a world filled with crowded waiting rooms and expensive bills. Reasons skiers/snowboarders will benefit from this new walk-in clinic:
Time is Money-  Wait times are generally shorter than other Insta care facilities because only musculoskeletal injury patients are being cared for. Additionally, you should receive care on-site rather than being referred to another office which is obviously a huge time saver. 

“If you need to be splinted, casted, given a boot, crutches or a cane, or set up for a procedure, we will get that scheduled – or even performed – depending on the nature of your situation.”—English. 

Money is Money - Unlike an expensive visit to the emergency room, your visit will be billed as a regular clinic visit. 

Stay Healthy - Flu season can be a runaway train during the peak of ski season, fortunately, the other patients in the waiting room aren't waiting to treat a cough or flu symptoms but rather for orthopedic concerns. 

“So you’re less concerned about getting sick from others in the waiting room,” says English. “This is especially important during the current flu season.”

Conditions Treated:

  • Sprains & Strains
  • Bruises
  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Tendonitis
  • Other orthopedic pain that needs immediate care or won't go away

The mountains are calling—now get out there and enjoy. 

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Post brought to you by the University of Utah Health Care.  Also, check out these 10 tips to keep your body healthy this ski season.

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