The Powder Barrage continues at Snowbird

By Powderhound Matt Apr 16, 2013
The flakes keep flying in Utah and the Tram shows no signs of stopping! Get to the Bird and experience this resort without the competition of a mid-winter powder day. You can thank me later...
The Powder Barrage continues at Snowbird

The calendar may say it's Spring, and most think the ski season has ended  but this is what I like to call my, "second season."  This is the season when almost all the resorts have stopped turning their lifts with the exception of a few (Alta Weekends, Brighton still operational) but Snowbird isn't even thinking about shutting it down.  Honestly, it doesn't get any better than this for powder skiers. More than a foot of cold smoke and the resort is nearly empty. You have the entire place to yourself. 

Over the past 7 years I can honestly say one thing about April, it always DUMPS in Utah! If you are looking for that experience you may see in movies or read about in magazines, when Powder Day's seem to last for ever, then get to Snowbird during an April storm cycle and you'll get to check Epic Powder Day off your bucket list. 



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