The Six Pack!

By Active Alyssa Jan 22, 2016
Skiing six resorts in one day with the Ski Utah Interconnect Tour is a must. An action packed tour to see how unique and close our neighboring resorts are. Starting at Deer Valley, we popped in to Park City, soared in to Solitude, bounced in to Brighton, swung back to Solitude for Lunch, hit the Highway to Heaven in to Alta, and swooped in for a solid rock finish at Snowbird!
The Six Pack!

When visiting Utah, it's so hard to see it all and do it all. I have lived here for two years, and still have tons of adventures to check off my Utah Bucket List. There are so many places to be active, that I try to pack each free day as full as I can. If you want an action packed agenda and want to ski SIX resorts in ONE day, I would highly recommend the Interconnect Adventure Tour

Starting the day at 8:15am at Deer Valley resort, I met the tour guides, Deb and Eric, and was introduced to the rest of the snow seeking crew. We were informed on the snow safety concerns and each given an Ortovox avalanche beacon since we were going out of resort boundaries and into the backcountry. We were also given special passes that allowed us to ski between the six resorts. The tour guides have a great relationship with all the resorts and snow safety connections to be able to do the Interconnect Adventure Tour. After we warmed up our legs at Deer Valley, we went to the top of Lady Morgan Lift, skied a patch of trees that dumped us in to Park City Mountain territory. It’s amazing how all these world class resorts are so close to one another! We rode a few lifts at Park City and made our way to the back side of Jupiter Bowl, where we entered out into the backcountry and skied The Back Door. Beautiful, untouched powder made us all so excited, and thankful to have beacons on! The snow was coming down all day and we were having a blast! 

To go on this tour, it is a requirement to be a very strong intermediate or advanced level skier. You need to be able to keep up in the white fluff and stay together with your crew. Being in good physical condition is a must when you are planning on skiing all day long. Bringing water and a snack is recommended when you want to pack in a full day of skiing. 

As the adventure continued we skied through trees and meadows down Mill D to make our way to Solitude. Taking Apex to Summit, we cruised on the Upper Sol Bright trail, to blaze around Brighton for some amazing runs around Milly Express. Weaving down Brighton Bowl through trees and pumping through powder, we made our way back to Solitude where lunch was provided. Refueling with taco's or the soup and salad bar from Last Chance Southwest Grill, the group was satisfied and ready for our biggest sidestepping/stair master climb of the day, Highway to Heaven. 

Scooting on the edge of very steep terrain, I had to stay focused for every step. This would not be the place to take a tumble. The whole group made it across safely and to the top where our next adrenaline rush was down from Twin Lakes Pass and on to Grizzly Gulch. Even though it was still snowing and hard to see, is was still such a fun area to ski! Hooting and hollering, we were all on a skiers high! 

Now in Little Cottonwood canyon at Alta, we rode Sunnyside to Sugarloaf and easily made our way to the neighboring resort, Snowbird. We skied down in to Mineral Basin and kept finding "The Greatest Snow on Earth" in Utah! Ending our day at the base of Snowbird, we all touched the Chamonix Rock for a good ski season, and were thankful to have a solid ski day! With a live band in the underground atmosphere, The Tram Club was the perfect place for a celebratory shot of Whiskey! With transportation from Snowbird back to Deer Valley included, we shared our favorite part of each resort which was a great way to end the day. What an epic, fun filled, and action packed day we had! SIX resorts in ONE day... Only in Utah! Check that off the Bucket List!  

~XOXO, Bring on the SNOW!