The Winter that Keeps on Giving

By Kendall Apr 9, 2008
The Winter that Keeps on Giving

I knew it was going to be good. When Alta reports 17" in one day and Snowbird is showing 12" on the Snow Cam by 1pm the only thing to do is to shut down the computer and take care of business. After seeing the Snow Cam yesterday I headed up for some late afternoon skiing under my own foot power, just down canyon from Snowbird in Scotty's Bowl. Scotty's has seen a lot of tracks this year since the White Pine gates at Snowbird have been open so much. But yesterday, it didn't matter.

I'll let the pictures tell the story. (click the images to see them in larger size)

Just as we got to the top the sun broke through and above the clouds.

thanking-the-heavens (thanking-the-heavens)

One turn down, 400 more to go.
powstashbowl-matt-turn (powstashbowl-matt-turn)

Hmmm, where to turn, where to turn?
wake-and-setup-for-2 (wake-and-setup-for-2)

Are you sure it's April? I swear it feels like mid January.
yeah-it-was-good (yeah-it-was-good)

With the forecast calling for another 6-10" tomorrow there is not an acceptable excuse for missing out on this storm. CALL IN SICK, you'll thank me later. And if you do miss it, you'll regret doing so come July so save yourself the mental anguish by going skiing tomorrow or Thursday.

--photos by Matt Rink