Things to do...

By Powderhound Cat Oct 16, 2013
If you AREN'T a CERTIFIED Powderhound
Things to do...

We love the early snow! As Matt’s last blog tells you, the excitement is unbeatable.


But I want to do a shout out to the cautious. Because right now, there are things you should and should not be doing. I want you to hike, take pics, go look at leaves. Host ski movie parties and swap stories of epic days gone by over hot cocoa. Shop for gear at ski swaps. Purchase the great early tickets that PCMR offers. And be safe.


While the allure of the turns is tempting, you should positively be certified and skilled to head anywhere this early. Please don’t push your luck, please don’t think that the three rocky turns will be worth a December on the couch. They simply are not. Enjoy Matt's pics. And get giddy with anticipation. And then wait. It's coming soon, friends!

I don’t want to bum you out at all. But it is important to us all that you are safe and ready to go when the big dumps head our way. If you’ve hiked anywhere in UT this summer, you’ve seen some of the wild stuff we ski over. Let’s let the boulders and terrain collect a big stable snowpack. Then we ride.

*Let it snow*

 Powderhound Cat