Three Years of Deer Valley Openings

By Powderhound Cat Dec 12, 2012
Powderhound Cat can't get enough when it comes to the perfect resort and the Celebrity Ski Fest Opening Weekend. It gets better every year!
Three Years of Deer Valley Openings

I really hope you got a chance to see Deer Valley opening the resort and hosting the Celebrity Ski Fest on CBS last weekend. I was there, enjoying a perfect Utah powder day.

It is still unreal to me, three years later, just how fun the opening weekend is every year. This year thanks to the wonderful Stein Eriksen Lodge and PR Manager Sarah Myers, I was able to eat dinner at Empire Lodge Friday night.

Fireside Dining is one of the finest options for you to experience on a trip to Park City. The food is exquisite, and yes - served right from the fireplace. The ambiance is amazing any day, even more so surrounded by celebrities coming together for a charitable cause.

The Waterkeeper Alliance has been coming to Deer Valley for 21 incredible years. Every year I've been able to attend I'm blown away by the All-Star lineup of celebrities and their common goal of raising funds and environmental awareness.

And lets not forget the fun. I LOVE seeing Rachel Harris taking lessons and learning to ski. I love Trevor Donovan confidently navigating the course. The Olympic Team Captains are so close and competitive!

The thrill of a shared passion for the sport is so contagious. I couldn't resist getting out with friends and skiing as hard as I have all year. The snow was SO GOOD.

Check out the PCTV coverage.

Thank you Deer Valley and Emily Summers for the smiling faces, great snow, and a perfect opening weekend. It gets better ever year.

Book your flights and get out here already - the skiing is great!

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat