#TinyHomeAdventure - Episode 2 is Out of This World!

By Snowboard Muse May 28, 2015
A spring snowboarding, long boarding, bridge rappelling, bear cub spotting, whitewater kayaking, milkyway capturing good time!
#TinyHomeAdventure - Episode 2 is Out of This World!

Being on the road has been amazing so far. Full of incredible small world experiences, outstanding adventure and some wild weather. Watch here as I make the most of being able to travel the country in my Tiny Home!

Below are some of my favorite photos from the past two weeks! 


Mountain Milky way  

Hiking alone in the middle of the night in grizzly bear country is a bit unnverving. 


Mans Best Friend

Booter and I taking it all in. 


Light Saber

CoastPortland lighting the adventure.


Get Along Little Reddoggy

Get along little reddoggie.. Just trying to keep up!


Rising sun

What the milkyway looks like in almost 1,000,000 acres of wilderness... Still grizzly country...

 Bear Cub

Bear cub we spotted in Yellowstone National Park.


View from camp

The milky way from the tiny home looks pretty OK too!


Index and Pilot Peak

Where bear tooth pass gets its name I belive. Index and pilot peak.


How we roll

THAM (Tiny Home Advenure Mobile) in all her beauty!

In case you missed it, watch Episode 1 here.  

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