#TinyHomeAdventure Episode 12 (Season Finale)

By Snowboard Muse Nov 9, 2015
This was by far the most incredible two weeks of my life... Until tragedy stuck.
#TinyHomeAdventure Episode 12 (Season Finale)

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Booter and I had a wild time filming the last two weeks. We explored Neon Canyon, The Dixie Nation Forest, Set up a rope swing in Moab, climbed Ancient Art at night, and Set up the most insane stunt of the Tiny Home Adventure. (Disclaimer) As most of you know we were in a horrific car accident. After finishing filming the last episode I was in Santa Barbra celebrating my younger sister's marriage with family. I was driving from Santa Barbra back to Park City, Utah. Two hours from home I was in a catastrophic car accident. Booter did not survive. I lost my truck, my Home which is nothing compared to the loss of Booter... If you want a fairy-tail ending or are under the age of 18 please STOP watching at the 5:55 mark as the content becomes incredibly sad and tragic.


Special thanks to
(Music for all season 1 of THA)
Tim Philips (Music Producer)
Morning Orange (all of episode 12)
The Breaks
Soft Cactus

Additional Filming and photography by
Taylor Maag
Troy Tully
Rocky Maloney

To all the friends along the way who joined in the adventure, that I met on the road and that supported me on my travels
Thanks to all the people who watched, followed and shared,
Thank you to everyone gave there kind words, prayers, positive vibes, and support for my recoverey

I would not be here if it wasn't for your guys

Words cannot describe my gratitude and I am incredibly thankful to be alive.

Keep up with my progress or donate it you like at youcaring.com/Booterisgone

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Check out the YouCaring page as I will be posting updates about my progress through these dark times. If you missed Episodes 9,10 and 11 check 'em out here.