#TinyHomeAdventure Episode 4

By Snowboard Muse Jul 1, 2015
The Tiny Home Adventure had really been getting after it these past few weeks! Take a look at the all the beautiful sights and some awesome time lapses.
#TinyHomeAdventure Episode 4

Reflection in the sand

Episode 4 of the Tiny Home Adventure is a wild one! Watch below!!


We spent the last few weeks exploring up the coast of California. I got to shoot some awesome timelapses. I Kiteboarded under the Golden Gate Bridge, Learned some new tricks and spent some time learning how to ride a cable park at Velocity Island Park. These guys where awesome. Super friendly and helpful. There was an awesome vibe, everyone was pushing themselves and one an other to progress. I would recommend Velocity to anyone looking to better there board skills. Great cross training for snowboarding, skiing, kiteboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, and more. not to mention super fun! Check em out!


Velocity Sunset




Unstoppable force vs Immovable object


Wind Power is Beautiful


Milky Way


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