Tips for spring skiing and a little GoPro video from a 7 year old!

By Mountain Mama Mar 25, 2015
Preparing for a day of spring skiing can be a little tricky. It starts out cold and then warms up. Do you layer? Do you wear warmer pants? Will the afternoon clouds roll in? Helpful tips for the kids...
Tips for spring skiing and a little GoPro video from a 7 year old!

Packing for a day of spring skiing can almost be as challenging as a cold winter day. If you're like me, you hate to be cold and caught unprepared so you still pack everything but the kitchen sink. The problem, you end up overheating by mid afternoon and your kids are mad at you for dressing for December in March. Research what the high of the day will be before you get out of the car, because the morning is going to be cold. Find out if clouds will roll in because that can really affect the temps. Also, will there be wind? If so, it will also bring a chill even if the sun is out.

Few tips to make the day a little easier:

1. Make sure everyone has suncreen before you start. The spring sun is so intense and a sunburn happens quickly...I have recently experienced this.

2. ALWAYS wear goggles even if it is just sunny. Eyes can be sunburned very quickly. Even though it isn't a blizzard, the goggle lens will protect your eyes.

3. Most jackets and ski pants have zippers to let the air flow in. If you have a "warm" pair and "cool" pair of pants, use the ones with the vents so you have the option later on to unzip. With kids, don't try to go without pants; especially with Brennan snowboarding; sitting on the ground is cold.

4. Wear lighter mittens or even light gloves. My kids don't really like gloves because their fingers get cold. This is an opportunity to use all those gloves you have in the closet. The worst thing that can happen is "my hands are so hot" and the mittens get taken off on the chairlift and end up on the ground. Not good. If you don't have a cooler glove, make sure your mittens have the straps attached around the wrist.  

5. If your helmet has vents, open them up!

6. Only 1 layer; thinner thermal pants and top.

7. That lighter down jacket on a sunny day is fine; keep in mind, you still need to ride the lift which can feel cool. 

8. If clouds are expected, don't opt for just a sweatshirt; I promise you'll get chilly. 

9. When you get your ski rentals, they will have the right warm wax on them. However, if you've had them for a while, change out the wax. If you have the cold wax on the bottom, you'll come to a complete stop in the sticky snow. You'll get a big workout pushing yourself through the snow with your poles all day.

10. And last....drink lots of water!! You don't realize how warm you are until you're dehydrated.

I will leave you with a trip through the Canyons terrain park with Brennan and his new GoPro he got for his birthday. He is holding it since it plopped off his helmet. Stay tuned next year for fun stuff with this new toy. Hopefully I will get good at doing some editing so you don't need to watch 8 minute videosl Enjoy!