Five Reasons to go Spring Skiing at Snowbird

Five Reasons to go Spring Skiing at Snowbird

Local Lexi

By Local Lexi \ April 23 2019

Spring: a tough time of year for any ski or snowboard fanatic. As the frozen water we've enjoyed all winter long begins to rapidly melt and heed the call of gravity, the realization that winter is waning cuts deeper than our legendary snowfall totals.

There is one way to beat the strain of shifting seasons and that is by fully indulging in the spring skiing and shredding scene at Snowbird. With Utah's longest season, Snowbird offers snow-covered slopes much longer than any other Ski Utah resort around. Should the snow conditions hold, Snowbird typically operates well into May or June. In the event of a banner year, expect to see bedecked skiers and snowboarders gleefully lapping the Little Cloud chairlift on the 4th of July. 

If you're feeling a little melancholy about winter's departure, here are FIVE reasons to cheer up and head to Snowbird for some spring skiing. 

#1: Spring is a Great Time to Learn at Snowbird

Forget chilly temps, thick jackets and snug mittens. April is the absolute best time to learn how to ski or snowboard. Just book a lesson with Snowbird's awesome Mountain School. April is typically a warmer and sunnier month to head up the canyon and if you are just learning, it will be a far more pleasant experience if you aren't battling the cold or struggling to figure out how to layer for success. This is especially true for young children. If you are wanting to teach kiddos, spring is the absolute best time to do so. They will be far more successful when there are fewer people and warmer temps. 



#2 The Legendary Spring Dump(s)

Deep, thick, spring dumps happen every spring, sometimes in sequence. This year alone, we've had over 65" of powder in April and we're just halfway through the month. When it isn't sunny and beautiful up at Snowbird in April or May, it's dumping! You can't really go wrong. Like clockwork, winter refuses to quit and there's at least a solid storm cycle or two, or three, in April, May, June...even July! 


#3 Patio + Aprés

A quintessential ingredient of a successful spring ski or snowboarding day involves a healthy dose of sunshine. (Don't forget your sun safety tips!) Luckily, Snowbird has ample space to accommodate sun seekers on the patio at the Snowbird Center. Grab a beer downstairs in General Gritts or head to the patio and hit The Birdfeeder or The Forklift, snatch a table and enjoy watching the tram climb and descend on its mighty cables. In the spring months, Snowbird assembles a large stage for live music and crowds often gather to soak in the sights and sounds.

#4 The Wiggle & The Wave 

Each year as the season begins to wind down, die-hard shredders and skiers will all work hard to carve out the "Wiggle" in the bowl behind the Little Cloud Chairlift off the Road to Provo cat track. This lengthy whoop-de-whoop is not for the faint of heart. Careening around corners in soft slushy snow in the sunshine is truly the sensation of spring at The Bird. The bravest of the wigglers may even opt to hit the wave, a big, natural terrain feature where riders often execute huge, jaw-dropping maneuvers. If you are not planning to hit the wave, give this area a wide berth as the landing zone can be huge and folks hitting the wave are traveling at a high rate of velocity and the takeoff is blind.

#5 The Costumery 

In case you hadn't noticed, skiers and snowboarders are a group of people that tend not to take themselves too seriously. Spring at The Bird often involves the baring of tender winter skin to soak up the sun's long-hidden rays. Expect to see short jorts, crop tops, tees and wacky costumes. Groups of friends and locals will often use any excuse to dress up in their favorite retro one-piece, wacky overalls or vintage ski gear. It's a sight to see and you can't beat them so you may as well bust out that bedazzled windbreaker and join in the fun.


Snowbird's '18/19 Spring Skiing Lifts Schedule, Operating Hours and Pricing

  • The Tram will be closed for scheduled maintenance May 6 - 24 & May 28 - June 6 
  • The Tram will re-open for Memorial Weekend, May 25 - 27 & June 7 until close
  • Friday - Sunday Operations will begin May 17 and continue weekly as long as conditions permit