To Those Who Ski

By Powderhound Cat May 3, 2011
To Those Who Ski

Once upon a time, there was a girl who had never set foot on skis. She tried it once, and crashed herself into a condo. Presumably, she thought, that is not what ski in means. She wasn’t sure she’d ever become a great skier.

Three years later, being crowned an Ultimate Powderhound, and spending more days on skis in any season ever, she contemplated what this meant.

 “It is skiing 100 days or more” some people told her.

 “No, it is skiing backcountry” others said.

 “It is a GoPro camera, some serious steez, and GNAR pro call outs!” was her favorite response.

But to her, skiing in Utah makes everyone a Powderhound! Since that humble beginning, she skied daily, overcoming confusion, fear, and even gear malfunctions. She checked the weather and got the Ski Utah Android app for Big Dump Alerts. She became someone who woke up bright and early every morning to load up the car and head to the mountain!

img_20110131_141351 (img_20110131_141351)

She conquered the steep and deep, skied Jupiter Bowl at PCMR, Daly Bowl and Chutes at Deer Valley, and 9990 at the Canyons for the first time. She skied all 14 Utah resorts. She attended opening and closing days, parties, concerts, and ski contests.

And what did she learn?

There are two types of people in the world: those who ski, and everyone else.

img_0251 (img_0251)


She was a Powderhound that first time she skied right into the back porch of that condo.

Sure, the true greats ski in Utah, but anyone that clicks in is a skier, whether they get a weekend in, or hit that century mark. It’s an obsession no matter what your level of skiing is, and once you’re hooked, you’re in the club. So no matter who you are, how many days you made it out, or even if you’re skiing the first pair of skis you’ve ever owned, celebrate this amazing season, and get ready for another.

What was your favorite experience this season?

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*Let it snow*

Powderhound  Cat