Tour of Park City

By Tim Roberts Jan 1, 2007

Happy New Year! With hangovers keeping the holiday crowds down, a nice day of skiing always gets the year off to a good start. On today’s blue bird day I took a mountain tour of Park City Mountain Resort. This was a personal tour designed for me by Anyone looking to ski Park City can go to the Web site and answer a few questions to determine their tour for the day. What type of trail do you prefer? Green, Blue, or Black? What type of terrain? Groomed, bumps, bowls, trees, or powder? What type of day would you like? Energetic or relaxing, and would you like to add terrain parks to the mix? I chose to have an energetic day skiing powder, bumps and terrain parks. I cheated a little by starting with the Town Lift that goes to the resort from Park City's Historic Main Street. I mixed up the order by hitting King’s Crown Park first. The jumps are smaller, making it less intimidating to try new tricks that you don’t need a lot of air for. Then the jumps get bigger as you go with nice, long landings and a big box at the bottom. I decided to leave the rails alone today. After that I cruised over to Bonanza and skied a few bumps on my way down to the Jonesy’s park. Jonesy’s has bigger jumps this year, with some picnic tables (not meant for dining at) located at the bottom. Then it was time to look for Pow. The tour took me over to McConkey’s where I found some soft snow in the trees, skiers right of the main bowl. The snow was good but not untracked. On a mission, I headed over Jupiter for the next stop of tour. From the chair I noticed some fresh tracks lookers left below the McConkey’s hike. I traversed over to the fresh lines and dropped in. "Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about," I thought to myself. The line was short but sweet. Then it dropped in to the skied up snow. After that I went over to Scott’s Bowl for some more fun. I noticed some fresh tracks in the trees on the hike up. Normally, fresh tracks rule over other ideas. However, since it was my first run on Scotts this year I decided to keep going so I could jump off the cornice first. I hit the cornice and headed back into the trees for some more soft snow. After skiing bumps, pow, groomers and kickers my tour had me ending the day at the bar at the Legacy Lodge. With my shoes back at the Town Lift and nothing but lint in my pocket, I decided to skip the bar and head back. Besides, my New Year's resolution was to only drink when I feel like it. Happy 2007!