Tour of The Canyons

By Tim Roberts Dec 14, 2006

Today a pack of journalists and I got a tour of The Canyons. We met up with Andy Cantor, the snow reporter for the resort, and he showed us around. I wanted to go backcountry right away, but Andy was able to show us good snow inbounds. Off the Dreamscape lift we found soft snow right under the lift and even better snow skiers left. There were a couple of new inches on top of soft skied out snow. We took a few laps off of Dreamscape and then over to Ninety-Nine 90. There we traversed out the gate and dropped in to the tree lines just out the gate. It was mostly skied up, but soft with a few fresh patches every few turns. Then we had lunch at Red Pine Lodge and grabbed our backcountry packs. We headed back over to Ninety-Nine 90 and out the backcountry gate. We hiked up to Square Top and dropped into the trees on the right. There were a couple tracks already there. However, there were still plenty of untracked lines. We skied the top section one at a time and then cut left were nobody had skied yet. That was really creamy snow. Freelance ski writer Rob Story, who lives in Telluride, said it was his “best day of the year so far.” After that we were tired, so we took one more run off Saddleback Express and called it a day.