Trying to be cooler than we are

By Powderhound Matt Jan 3, 2011
Skiing in backcountry outside of the Canyons Resort. Apres ski at the Canyons, and two friends thinking they are actually way better skiers and funnier then they actually are. All in all a great Sunday!

Once you've watched todays movie, I think you'll find it clear that my good friend Jason and I have watched one too many Teton Gravity ski movies. I think it's safe to say that Jason's dream in life is to get the call from TGR, asking him to fly on up to Alaska to be in one of their flicks. Since we all know that's never going to happen, today I did my best to give Jason or as he likes to be called on camera "J-MO", a starring role in a Ski Utah Ultimate Powderhound video.  If you haven't seen a TGR video check out this segment where they profile Sage Cattabriga -Alosa.


I'm pretty sure that Sage logs some serious vertical every season up in Little Cottonwood Canyon, maybe you've even run into him at the Lone Star taco joint just west of Big Cottonwood Canyon, I know I have.  In this clip he mentions how he met Chris Collins back in the day and that's really how he got his start in the Ski Film industry.  It's kind of ironic because both Jason and I have met Chris Collins as well and actually our friend married him. We've hung out more than half a dozen times, even skied together!  It's funny because neither one of us have gotten the call from TGR,  maybe I should call Chris and find out what's going on, or maybe I should work on my double front flips off 50 foot cliffs. Ha! Like that might ever happen.

Sunday morning as temperatures started to climb from their below zero resting spot from the night before and the holiday visitors started to head home, JMO and I decided to head to Canyons. There we had an awesome day skiing Square Top and Cinder Chutes, just beyond the resort boundaries. Upon our successful return from the backcountry, Jason and I headed over to the Umbrella Bar at the base of the Resort for some beers and grub. Currently their menu is limited to just hot dogs, beer and chili, but don't be discouraged because our server told us they were hoping to get their new menu under way in the next week or so.

At the bar we met Jason's father, another born and raised New Yorker and a local legend in his own mind.  After a couple of beers and a ridiculous exchange of stories I thought it would be a good idea we decided to step it up a notch and ski the mighty Aerie Hill just east of Main Street Park City (far from mighty). Once you've watched today's video you'll see we were successful in skiing the Aerie but just as successful in making fun of ourselves! I only hope Ski Utah doesn't revoke my Silver Pass for being so lame! People please remember this is a joke we really aren't this lame, well actually maybe we are. Here is our poor attempt to make a TGR like edit from our day of skiing.  I have a feeling I'm going to take some heat for this...