Tuesday storm train setting up for November-Pattern change!

By Mountain Mama Nov 3, 2015
The change from summer to winter sometimes takes awhile. Mother Nature waits her sweet time to make the change until she's ready. She's READY!! The summer high pressure is being shoved out and it looks like a Tuesday storm train is moving in.
Tuesday storm train setting up for November-Pattern change!

Since starting my blog for Ski Utah in 2009, many things have changed. My kids have gone from tiny 4 year old first-timers to ski racers and snowboard team members. The  clothing has become more fancy and the skis are longer. One thing hasn't changed...the unpredictable nature of Mother Nature. Being a Meteorologist, every year I get the "is this going to be THE year?" Well, I wish I was that good, but studying the pattern year after year and knowing when that storm is the one to change the pattern has stayed the same.

Sometimes it's as early as early October, sometimes as late as November. This year, Mother Nature has decided it's in between.  In watching the pattern over the last month, there have been some cold storms, but knowing they're not quite that storm. That storm is here. With the wind howling and temps in the 70's, you know something is up!  The stronger the wind, the stronger the cold front. A good rule of thumb, air always likes to sit at the lowest pressure-use the example of you putting air in your bike tire. The pressure is high inside the tire, when you push the plug, air rushes out...to sit at the lowest pressure. As the wind continues to crank up, it is rushing to the lowest pressure-the storm sitting to the west of Utah. Once this storm rolls over Utah late Tuesday through Thursday, that cold air moves over Utah. It always takes quite a storm to finally break the dominant pattern over months which has been a pretty warm high pressure.

This storm opens that door. It won't be the biggest storm ever, but the most important thing is; it's that storm. The cold air now has the front door open for storms to follow. It's better for these early season storms to drop snow, move on, have another and another follow. You get a great base going which is most important for a good ski season. In looking into the computer model crystal ball, we are on a Tuesday train right now. For the next 2-3 weeks, Mom Nature is rolling in these cold Tuesday storms. Keep them coming and that base gets set up real good. After all, Mother knows best!

I hope you'll join this Mom on another fabulous Ski Utah journey with tips, trials and tribulations of getting your kids to the slopes. If you have some ideas for me on topics or your kids have questions for my kids, let me know. From the mouth of babes, it's always the best. Brennan said it best at the end of last season with his book on snowboarding. If life could just be that cut and dry. Dust off your skis, start doing those squats and join us in Utah!