'Twas the night before the big winter storm!'

By Mountain Mama Dec 2, 2013
Utah has had a few storms here and there, but winter is settling in for a long stay starting tonight! A good old fashioned storm with all the fixings...cold air, moisture and a long event!
'Twas the night before the big winter storm!'

For all of my adult life I've been a Meteorologist.  On air all over the country.  Just because now I stay at home being a shuttle bus driver for my kids activities doesn't mean I don't keep track of the weather.  There are some weather patterns you see and just know, this is a goodie.  I'm going to toot my horn for a minute and refer to my blog last week...I saw this latest storm developing and knew when it is that deep, that strong, it'll be a great snowmaker.  Sure enough, here in Utah..we are ready

Open up this satellite photo...I am going to point out some key things

1. popcorn looking clouds off Washington coast=cold air

2.Moisture off Southern California=lotsa juice available

3. When the 2 combine-great snow and a prolonged event.  

Reason being:  cold air cannot hold as much moisture as warm air.  We get the moisture in place up into Utah being pulled in on a strong south wind ahead of the front, once cold front rolls in, it quickly cools that air and it falls out as snow!

You will get a map that looks like this from the National Weather Service.  Winter storm warnings all over the state.  Once the cold air kicks in early Tuesday, it will continue through early Thursday.  Because a cold north flow continues, it allows these pieces of energy to continue to slide in from the north with another piece late Friday into Saturday, Sunday into Monday and possibly again Tuesday. I don't want to get all crazy and run ahead of myself, but we could be talking feet...if this all continues for a week!  

So, get yourself out to Utah and enjoy this first "real" hit of winter.

I'll leave you with a little video of Bren and the 1/2 pipe!