Two for two at Brian Head Resort

By Powderhound Matt Feb 17, 2012
Once again, I assembled the powder posse to head down south and chase a snowstorm. Let's just say we nailed it, again!
Two for two at Brian Head Resort

Talk about nailing it yet again! Well it's safe to say I'm two for two when chasing snow storms in southern Utah.  After 18" inches pounded Brian Headover the weekend, another storm was on tap for Monday night and Tuesday. Snow totals again were over a foot.  

We posted up at the Cedar Breaks Lodge on Monday night and enjoyed a few drinks, laughs and good eats.  The flakes continued to fly all night and the snow totals continued to grow snow.  Our expectations were high and by morning we were ready to go! The Cedar Breaks Lodge is only a short two minute drive to the Giant Steps chair lift, and upon arriving at the lift at 9:55 am I expected to see dozens, maybe even hundreds of folks ready to get after it.  To my surprise once again, there were maybe only a handful of people ready to compete for the powder frenzy.  That's just it about this place, there is no powder panic, now feeding frenzy, it's simply all yours for the taking.  If you want to ski a resort while feeling like you honestly own the place, then get on down to Brian Headon the next powder day and see for yourself what it's like to have your own private piece of paradise. 

Unfortunately work was calling us home on Wednesday afternoon but it was still dumping. The official forecast from the National Weather Service called for an additional 6-12" by Thursday morning.  Get some!