Untracked Utah with Life Unbound

By Yeti Nov 27, 2012
Early winter delivered two epic storms. October's 42" dump and November's 52" storm were "product tested" by our friends at The Life Unbound.

Before the prized Thanksgiving bird graced your dinner table, two significant and savory winter storms primed the ski season with a 42" October dump and a 52" November winter storm (Brutus). These two early storms set the tempo for a great year and laid the base for plenty more turns. Without further adiou, here is a highlight reel of the first two significant storms of the season. Thanks to the Life Unbound team for cathing the beauty of winter in these two early storms that have set the tone for an incredible 2012-13 ski season in Utah. * Every turn from this episode was shot this October or November in Utah's Wasatch mountains.

Foosteps: Life Unbound EP1 from The Life Unbound on Vimeo.