Utah Resorts Treated with 44 Inches of Halloween Snow

By Yeti Oct 27, 2010
A major winter storm hit Utah early this week treating Utah’s ski and snowboard resorts to early snowfall. Alta Ski Area reported 4 inches of snowfall yesterday with 20 additional inches overnight adding up to a 44-inch storm total since Sunday.
Utah Resorts Treated with 44 Inches of Halloween Snow

I woke up this morning only to find 44 glorious inches of the whitest fluffiest Halloween treat around... SNOW! As I tromped around the Wasatch, I heard the cackle of a witch and the purr of a leopard off in the distance. Where were these funky noises coming from dude? Eventually, I tracked the mongrels down and located them atop Snowbird's Hidden Peak Tram at 11,000 feet accompanied by Popeye the Sailor and a gladiator. Apparently some wiley trick-or-skiers got a little too excited by the new snow and headed to one of the best places to find it.
Halloween Trick-or-Treaters Enjoy 44 New Inches of Halloween Snow (tick_or_ski_2010)
Check out these other great pics I shot from our latest storm: