Utah's Got Covergirl Cred

By Yeti Jan 2, 2013
No need for sexy poses here or bright lipstick, Utah skiing images rock the January cover for Powder, SKI and Skiing Magazines.
Utah's Got Covergirl Cred

January is arguably the height of the ski season, with winter's most anticipated magazines (Photo Annuals) hitting the shelves. All eyes are on January, and this month, Utah pulled off a hat trick of sorts and landed the cover for Powder, SKI and Skiing Magazines. No need for sexy poses here or bright lipstick, just Utah's insanely deep, dry powder. 

Powder magazine’s January Photo Annual features a shot by photographer Jim Harris at Alta, UT. The epitome of a Utah powder day, the photograph shows an unidentified skier snapped from the chairlift on a deep Alta day. The story goes on, as photographer Jim Harris has revisited Alta, spending many days looking for the unidentied cover skier. Who knows, it could be you?


Brighton resort graces the cover of Skiing magazine’s January issue. Snapped by Salt Lake City local Steve Lloyd, the unique night shot of athlete Kevin Brower took an impressive lighting set up and over six hours to get just right.


SKI magazine’s January issue features “The Ultimate Powder Manual” and the cover shot, taken by Utah local Adam Barker, captures just that. Julian Carr, a local Utah athlete, had an epic powder day at Solitude, UT.


The skiing's incredible right now in Utah, don't believe this Yeti? How about the fact that 110" fell in Utah this December alone, or the fact that nearly four feet of snow has fallen since Christmas eve. Numbers aside, pictures never lie, and this time it's good to judge a book by its cover because you don't need to turn past the front cover of Powder, SKI and Skiing's January covers to get a taste of Utah's shredding.