Utah Top Ski Rankings and Awards

By Powderhound Cat Nov 7, 2014
All Utah Does Is Win, Win, Win Winter Awards
Utah Top Ski Rankings and Awards

We live in a beautiful place. And people know it. 

Utah truly is a paradise for the adventure-driven individual. From the world-renown flakes that fall in the winter to the world-class mountain biking in the summer, this great state provides something for everyone year-round. The locals love it. For those not fortunate enough to live in this great state, there's an international airport that is minutes away from some of the best skiing in the world, and hours away from some of the most amazing landscapes your eyes will ever see. 


ESPN thinks we have the best college for skiers. Read about that here.

Ski Magazine does an annual readers poll. We always crush that.

When Forbes makes a list, that's kind of a big deal. Utah's all over it.

This one seems unreal - but Deer Valley won best resort in the US at a WORLDWIDE award event. How cool is that?

There was this one time (maybe you saw me pigging out at High West in the photo spread) that Park City won best town in America. I felt like I'd won.

Last but not least, go spend some time on Ski Mag's website. It's harder to find a page/link/list we aren't on.

Every year magazines and publications review Utah, and it's hard to be humble when we just keep collecting accolades.

Even if you aren't dropping in a pipe at full speed if you've ever skied Park City Mountain Resort you KNOW that thing is the sexiest in the world. Park and Pipe Numero Uno, in fact


What is the best award you've seen Utah snag?

My friend John and I made up some awards, too. We'd give Utah props for access, atmosphere, and opportunity. Oh also for cuteness. Like, relative good-looking-ness of all skiers. It's practically mandatory. 

Also guess what we picked for these: "Coolest place to hot tub". "Most likely to see a pup in booties". "Funniest Fur Store". "Ski to your Car FTW". "Best Burger Bar". 


It seems like every season the resorts get better and better. Utah is committed to improvement across the board. 

What improvements are you most looking forward to this year? Think it's award worthy? ICYMI there's a round up here.


*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat