Vote for the Nike 6 Greatest Hits Park

By Tim Roberts Jan 19, 2010
Vote for the Nike 6 Greatest Hits Park

Everyone knows that Utah has some of the most iconic spots in the snowboard world.  Head over to Nike 6.0 and show some local pride by voting up your favorite spot in Utah to jib. Then go shred it for real.

While magazines, filmers and athletes always try to find fresh locations, there are a handful of jib spots around North America so legendary that it seems we never go a season without a crew sessioning at at least one of them. And all the years of innovation that have gone down at these spots makes them relevant in any winter.

So this winter, Nike 6.0 is creating the GREATEST HITS Park at Mt. Seymour, BC to support the local shred community and bring innovative park design to Mt. Seymour by recreating three legendary features that have played a part in snow-culture history.


Go vote at Nike 6.

The Utah choices for these classic hits are:

The Snowbird Wall Ride

Utah_Wallride_1The Rail Garden