Wasatch Wildflowers are in Bloom!

By Travel Tips and Deals Jul 22, 2014
It never gets old. The contrast of vividly diverse wildflowers set against the backdrop of rugged mountains always enchants me.
Wasatch Wildflowers are in Bloom!

It never gets old. The contrast of vividly diverse wildflowers set against the backdrop of rugged mountains always enchants me. My favorite place to enjoy them is high in the Wasatch Range. This year I guided my parents through wildflower fields, past grazing moose, to Cecret Lake. The lake is nestled in Alta’s Albion Basin and is one of the prettiest places to enjoy summer’s wildflower display.

July 25th – 27th, 2014, the Wasatch Wildflower Festival celebrates nature’s artistry with events scheduled at Brighton, Solitude, Alta, and Snowbird. Guided walks, beginner through advanced and for kids will give visitors a looks and the prettiest displays in each area. Other events, such as live music, add to the festivities. A nice feature of the festival is the availability of lift access to the higher sections of some areas.

Wasatch Wildflower Festival Location Schedule

Friday, July 25th – Morning


Friday, July 25th – Afternoon


Saturday, July 26th


Sunday, July 27th


Visit the 2014 Wasatch Wildflower Festival Website for full details.

While there is nothing wrong with jumping in the car and visiting any of these spectacular displays, a little forethought can make your wildflower hike even more enjoyable. Here are some suggestions.

Tips for Wildflower Viewing

  1. Observe Leave No Trace Principles – Stay on established trails, don’t drop garbage, and don’t pick flowers.
  2. Bring a Wildflower Guide – Having a printed guide for the area will make wildflower spotting more fun. You can even turn it into a kid’s game, having them spot as many different types of flowers as possible, or look for specific varieties… like a scavenger hunt.
  3. Plan For Bugs – Where there are flowers, there are bugs. Plan accordingly by wearing long sleeves and pants if you are sensitive.
  4. Be Prepared for Sun – The best displays are in open valleys or on south facing, sun drenched slopes. Carry water, sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat to beat the heat.
  5. Bring a Lunch – There is no prettier place for a picnic than at the edge of a wildflower field!
  6. Consider a Sunset – My favorite time for a wildflower hike is sunset. Yes, this means I’ll have to hike out in the dark, but the golden colors, and cooler temps, are worth packing a headlamp (I allow my eyes to adjust and only use a headlamp as a backup).
  7. Don’t Forget Your Camera – No explanation needed.

While I am impatiently counting the days to ski season (114 days, 18 hours, and 17 minutes at the time of this writing), summer’s display is easing my pain. I hope that you’ll find the same solace in the beauty of the high Wasatch.