Wasatch Wanderer - Film by Angelos Media & Andrew Muse

By Snowboard Muse Feb 20, 2017
Winter of the Wasatch Magazines Faultline Film Festival Snow Sports Category!
Wasatch Wanderer - Film by Angelos Media & Andrew Muse

The Wasatch has been my home for the last 10 years. I followed my passion for the mountains to a place I knew very little about. Once I arrived it became very apparent this was the place for me. Massive expansive terrain with more than a lifetimes worth of adventure, exploration and learning. 


Colby approached me 48 hours before the deadline for the Faultline film festival and said he wanted to enter. So we brain stormed for about 10 minutes for a loose concept. The next morning we met at 3AM filmed all day, on the drive home we wrote a loose script and recorded it.Then Colby ran back to his house worked his editing magic through the night to create this awesome piece. Imagine what we could do with a little more time!


We ended up winning the Winter Sports Film category at the Faultline film festival!


Cinematography by Colby Angelos (Angelos Media)

Additional Filming by Andrew Muse (Andrew Muse Productions)

Written by Colby Angelos and Andrew Muse

Edit by Colby Angelos

Athlete - Andrew Muse


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