Weekend Warrior - Boombox Edition

By Powderhound Cat Mar 30, 2014
You're missing out if y'all don't party like we do.
Weekend Warrior - Boombox Edition

Product Placement is everywhere. I think (I'm not cool enough to really know) that someone asks you to review something and they give it to you and you gush about it and they hope people buy it. This is like that but better, because reading this post will give you 429% more radness. And it's not about compression socks.

TL;DR is you need this in your life it will help your ski game.

So, yeah. This is the link and the thing but let me explain how it will change your life.

Went to Brighton, threw it on a belt loop. Ran into friends that KNEW it had to be me blasting Mariachi Music at waist level. That could be you.

Went to the Can. The ski twerk dance fest got people talking. That could be you.

Went to Brian Head. "Push It" came on as we sat on the chair and we almost fell off cracking up.

Think about it. You have the best playlist on the hill? We all talk about it. Especially us Weekend Warriors. We need to Pump up the Jams (pump it up, a little louder...). We get cool headphones but then no one else knows how cool we are. The head bobbing just actually makes you look silly. So my new favorite thing is a speaker system that is WATERPROOF and you can PUT YOUR PHONE IN and holy wow seriously yes your playlist is heard loud and clear and cute boys are asking you if you've seen them live and you say yes and next thing you know apres and you've got the jams.

It's going to be even better in the summer rafting but the real point here is you need this in your life. And not because they gifted it. Not because they asked me to say it.

To be honest it's a large, unique phone case with a megaphone and it makes you cool. They can't say that but I can. Just don't be on my hill competing with me for cool kid status on the weekends. :)

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat