Weekend Warrior Kickoff

By Powderhound Cat Nov 1, 2013
My friends and I are so excited for ski season - are you ready?
Weekend Warrior Kickoff

Making The Alta Snowboard Team


You can be a weekend warrior and still get weekday laps in. You can also be a snowboarder at Alta - you’ve just gotta earn those turns. My coworker Nick Hansen managed both yesterday.


The snow was wild this week. It was a thrill to wake up and see my hometown of Park City covered in a beautiful blanket of white. About half of my office rides, and everyone in SLC loves to check in for a high elevation weather report - so I made sure to take a bunch of pics.


The stoke was so high it got Nick in action. Gear was pulled out and he was up while it was still dark. He and his friends arrived at Alta and did the same thing as Powderhound Matt - hiked up to ski down. I’m mostly impressed because he was at work by about 930 - I didn’t even know he’d gone out until the next day!


It is so cool to live here. That we can run up for a predawn lap and start the morning off in this rare form is another part of what makes our resorts the most desirable in the nation. I can’t WAIT until the resorts are open - I totally plan on making some morning turns. Next step is to find out the office policy on sweatpants…


Check out their great pics and tell me - have you ever tried to backcountry ski or are you just avidly counting days until the resorts open? Is your office SKI RUN AM friendly? Is there a magic strategy to getting up, skiing, and getting to work at a reasonable hour? I can’t wait to report back with my findings soon!


People in photos:

Nick Hansen
Dane Bergeson
Zach Ogden

*Let it snow*

Powderhound Cat