Weekly Condition and Weather Report

By Powderhound Matt Dec 14, 2011
Here is your weekly condition and weather report for the week of December 14th - 21st, as seen through the goggles of a Powderhound. Resorts skied last week include: Canyons, Deer Valley and Park City.

A few inches here, a few inches there, that pretty much sums up the winter so far. That being said, I think I've gotten what most people consider a season full of powder turns already and you know what, it's not even winter yet! Last time I checked winter doesn't start until midnight on December 21st. Once winter shows up I'm sure the skiing and riding is only going to get better.

In the mean time, Brian Head Resort in Southern Utah received another healthy dosing of snow this week. Alta picked up 6" yesterday and most of the other Utah Resorts picked up between 3" and 5" of snow. While the forecast remains pretty bleak for the next ten days, temperatures will remain cold. So as each day progresses, slowly but surely more terrain will become available as our snowmakers work overtime. 

A little hint though while skiing groomers. When a resort opens a brand new trail don't necessarily rush over to ski it. The trails that had snow blown on them a few weeks ago are skiing far better. Over time, after more and more skiers turn over the snow and with each passing day the trails get softer and softer.

If you don't want to miss a single inch of snow all winter, sign up for Ski Utah's snow reports. 

See you on the slopes and seriously pray for snow!