Welcome to Second Season

By King of Après Apr 24, 2018
Spring skiing in Utah is going off. The days are long, the crowds are gone, and the stoke is high. Welcome to Second Season.
Welcome to Second Season

It’s mid-April here in Utah (and probably wherever you’re reading this too) and we’re just getting started. Spring skiing is going off and we are celebrating what the locals call “Second Season.”

Brighton was the latest Utah resort to wrap up their season, closing this past Sunday despite a 70-inch base. The closing festivities – known locally as Marcharita – did not disappoint. The sun was out, the costumes were on and the stoke was high.

And then there were two...

Alta and Snowbird are the last remaining resorts still spinning lifts in Utah, but don’t think for a second that it’s time to move your ski gear into summer storage – Second Season is in full swing. In fact, I've put together a full list of spring ski and après ski essential gear items to help you through the spring months.

Alta “closed” for the season on April 15th and we sent the regular season out it in style with another successful celebration – known locally as the 8th Annual Frank World Classic. Check out the competition recap below via the guys at Pit Viper.

Alta Ski Area will reopen Friday-Sunday until May 6th, when we send the season out with a second closing party – known locally as High Boy. With a 95-inch base, the skiing is still incredible. Keep an eye out for zipper lines, snakes, costumes, parking lot BBQs, tailgate dance parties and everything that makes spring skiing number one in our collective ski bum hearts.

Snowbird will be open daily until May 13th, before hopefully transitioning to weekends-only until the snow melts out. With a 94-inch base, looks to be somewhere around Memorial Day.

Snowbird is Utah’s spring skiing capital. Top-to-bottom Tram Laps allow you to experience all kinds of terrain and snow conditions as you descend almost 3,000 vertical feet per lap. And, if getting off the ground is your thing, there’s no shortage of natural features on the hill to send for the boys.

Spring skiing isn’t always about skiing in Hawaiian shirts and jean shorts. Last Tuesday was one of the best powder days of the season. It may have seemed like your average partly-cloudy spring day in the Salt Lake Valley, but the top of Hidden Peak seemed more like February, with blizzard-like conditions and free refills of blower powder on each lap. Don’t put away those powder straps either, despite the current warm weather, long-range models are hinting at another round of storms for next week. Classic Second Season shenanigans.

Once the resorts close, you can still find some great turns by hiking or skinning in the Wasatch or Uinta mountains. Last year’s Second Season, I managed to ski regularly until late-June, with my last turns of the season coming on July 15th. Spring touring – it's like hiking, but you get to ski down.

Needless to say, Second Season is going off. And will continue to go off for another month or two. The days are long, the crowds are gone, and the stoke is high. Get out there and enjoy Utah's Second Season. We are keeping an updated list of closing dates here just for you!