What is the giant structure on top of Snowbird?

By Travel Tips and Deals Jan 16, 2015
Something is rising out of the snow on top of Hidden Peak. Get the 411 on what is coming...
What is the giant structure on top of Snowbird?

One of my favorite views in the Wasatch is found on top of Hidden Peak at Snowbird. Sunsets are especially breathtaking! If you’re not familiar, the 11,000’ Hidden Peak backdrops Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort and is access via their tram.

Killer views are the prominent feature of the peak, but you’ll also find a ski patrol warming hut and a few picnic benches (in the summer). For a while I’ve heard that there were plans to build a lodge there, but there weren’t any signs or that until recently.

Today you can see a metal skeleton rising out of the snow. Construction activity became noticeable sometime during the summer, but I hadn’t made my way up there until recently.

Here is what Snowbird says you have to look forward to, including an artist’s rendering: 

Hidden Peak Rendering

In the winter of 2015/16, Snowbird will open a new facility on Hidden Peak befitting the spectacular views from 11,000 feet, looking down on the Salt Lake valley and across the Wasatch Mountains. The two-story glass-enclosed structure will replace the Ski Patrol and warming hut that has greeted Snowbird Aerial Tram riders for more than 40 years. 

Housed on the main floor of the new year-round facility will be skier services including restrooms, a coffee/pastry shop, Ski Patrol and a cafeteria with two-story views of the American Fork Twin Peaks and surrounding vistas. There is more than 10,000 square feet of outdoor deck space and stunning views of the Wasatch Mountains. The basement level will house kitchen and storage. 

  • Bldg: 23,196 sq ft
  • Outdoor deck: 10,080 sq ft
  • 360-degree views 
  • Cafeteria seating: 192 people
  • Level 2 (private dining rooms) seating: 180 people

The new building will offer an amazing venue for sunset watching, gatherings, and a quick bit between runs. Gone will be the days of breathtakingly cold pizza dinners on a hard bench looking out over the canyon. I’ll miss the rustic mountaintop, but I look forward to seeing the new building completed.

Construction Sign, Hidden Peak