Where are all the State of Utah's college ski and snowboard clubs?

By Bob Winter Oct 16, 2008

Back in the day when I skiing my way through college (early Y2k) all of the major universities and colleges in Utah had established ski and snowboard clubs for their students. I recently went searching to see if any of the clubs still existed for the U o U, BYU, UVU, Utah State, ect and was disappointed to find that it appears that most of the clubs haven't survived.

My favorite reason for have the club was to save a little money on season passes.  Discounts to Snowbird, Park City and The Canyons made the membership fees well worth the price.  Plus members often were invited to receive discounts at area retailers and had member-only activities.  For example, members of the U o U's Freeskier Society can buy a "Chairs only" pass to the bird for $469 vs $539. That's a savings of $70!  Plus you get a really sweet shirt to impress all the ladies with.

Props are due to the U of U's Freeskier Society and Weber State as they appear to be the only ones to have survived as a pure college ski or snowboard club.

BYU- R.I.P. Snowrider's (one lone rep)

UVU- R.I.P. Board Club (kind of )

Westminster- R.I.P. close?!?!

Utah State- R.I.P.

SUU- Help! They need a president...

Jealous...very jealous.