While you can’t bottle a firefly in Utah, how about a 3k descent on single track?

By Yeti Jun 27, 2011
Utah's resorts have plenty of reason to brag in the summer. Hop on your mountain bike and you will see why.
While you can’t bottle a firefly in Utah, how about a 3k descent on single track?

Did you spend your childhood chasing lightning bugs in the warm summer evenings?  If you were really clever, chances are good that you managed to trap a few lightning bugs in a jar, taking the light show indoors.  Oh to be young again, Utah's Summer is finally here and stretching from underneath the thick blanket of The Greatest Snow on Earth® is something that promises to unleash the child in you. . . . and that something is dirt. 

Yep, it doesn’t sound that exciting, but this is some high class dirt, capable of holding onto your mountain bike tire and propelling you into the next turn.  Don’t worry, the entire State of Utah is not covered in dirt, in fact, this time of year quite the opposite is true, as single track cuts through the canvas of green.  Get out there and hop on the mountain bike that has collected dust during this record season winter.  Plentiful mountain biking trails are ready to rock, whether it’s the Shoreline trail in Salt Lake City or singletrack at Utah’s ski resorts.  

Consider this an invitation or an excuse to go play in the dirt.  Even better yet, hop on a chairlift at Canyons, Deer Valley Resort, Pak City Mountain Resort, Solitude, Snowbird, Sundance, Brian Head and Snowbasin and ride the dirt downhill without having to sweat the ups.    

Hopefully you are willing to trade in the fact that you can't bottle a lightning bug in Utah. . .


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Please share your best mountain biking story or at least be on the look out for a east coast, midwest or southern lightning bug lost in the mountains of Utah.