Why Ski Movies Suck

By Powderhound Cat Oct 19, 2011
A look in to the excitement of ski movie premiere season.

The movie premieres are rolling out - and so are the reviews, stories, and next morning's tweets about excessive shot ski action.

I went to see MSP's "Attack of La Nina" this weekend in Park City. Go to skimovie.com for more about the film.

The Friday night movie played to a sold out crowd of skiers of all types and ages.

It was, by far, one of the best ski films I've seen. It had some irreverent humor and green screen comedy in between the park and powder shots. It was clear the entire audience loved not just all the prizes, free Powder magazines, Cody Townsend autographed posters, and Ski Utah stickers. They loved the movie.

So why do I think movie premieres suck?

For starters, there's no snow.

I'm so ready to hit the slopes after seeing a movie. I'm dreaming of improving my skiing, hitting pillow lines, and high fiving buddies as we whoop up the excitement after a perfect run. I can't wait. 

Also, I want a new camera.

I invested in my cool HD Canon and love it to death, but the use of Contour cameras in the video impressed me beyond anything I've seen to date. You got a real feel for the mountain and the runs.

I'm not Gumby.

I'm pretty sure if I were to hit a rail on top of a parking garage and spin my way 40 feet down into a flat landing, I'd break bones (plural). But after a few beers and mere minutes in to these movies, I start to convince myself it might actually be feasible. Then I remember there's a reason nobody pays me to ski.

I need more money.

Every premiere I go see makes me want the DVD. Chances are I might blow half of my "I want new skis" fund on ski movies... where I watch other people ski... on the skis I wanted to buy... oops. 


I never catch anything in the product tosses/giveaways.

How is it that the smallest kids always seems to catch/win the best stuff? They fill out their entry forms in crayon and win 400$ Helly Hansen pants. Come on, little guy... those skis are wider underfoot than you are. I'll trade you my sticker pack? 

I have higher blood pressure.

Part of the fun of a ski flick is the "Will they or won't they" land game. MSP's La Nina had some great edits.

I want more.

If you either missed out this past weekend, or don't realize just how fun the crowd and the experience of a ski movie event is, I have good news. You can still catch plenty of movies. TGR's One for the Road debuts in early November. Check this article by the Yeti for more info.

So did you check out any ski movies yet? Which was your favorite, and why?

Powderhound Cat