Wide slopes and unmatched beauty at Sundance

By Mountain Mama Mar 31, 2016
Sundance is one of those resorts you can go to in winter or summer and walk away with the question "when can I return?" The backdrop of Mt Timpanogos is really like no other beauty. The small resort has amazing wide runs and is a great place to get the kids out and enjoying skiing on gentle slopes
Wide slopes and unmatched beauty at Sundance

I enjoy skiing and zipping down the mountain, but sometimes I get more out of sitting at the top of the mountain and taking it all in. Sundance may not be the biggest resort in Utah but certainly one of the most scenic. It is an area picked by Robert Redford and he has kept a very serene feel of the resort with 4 lifts that access an amazing view at the top of the Arrowhead lift where you will find the Bearclaw cafe. There are chairs for you to rest and enjoy the view. Emily and I did just that....for about 30 minutes!

Make sure you've got your sunscreen and allow a bit of time to enjoy the view.

The ski school offers private and group lessons. One great trait of Sundance is the wide runs offered. My kids did lessons 5 years ago and had a great experience. When learning to ski for adults or kids, the biggest challenge is getting the whole turning thing down. If you've got to make a quick turn on a crowded slope, it can be a little stressful. At Sundance, the runs are wide. You can really get that whole "follow the leader" thing down without feeling like you're going to hit the guy next to you. Instead of doing a quick "pizza" stop, you can practice stopping correctly. On this particular day, I talked to several parents who had their 2 year old kids on skis!!! First, it made me got all weepy....how have my kids grown up before my eyes in moments?  Second, props to these parents! An indication that they feel comfortable on the lower part of Sundance with their babies. If you take Ray's lift to the mid station stop, you will find great wide green runs. Developing the love of skiing at 2 is amazing and your kids will learn to love the sport.

Before you take off, take  a moment to soak it in at the base by the fire. Even if Grandma comes with you and doesn't ski, this is the perfect place she can sit and watch the kiddos come down and stay warm.

Hit the lift and take in the view. Note the wide slopes and lack of crowds. Shorter lift lines=happy kids and parents.

My favorite must do's at Sundance:

1. Ride Arrowhead lift to the top and enjoy the view

2. Once there, take a GREAT cruiser with your kids down Roundup run. You will have to ski a slight steep pitch to get there, but once there, Roundup is a long run through beautiful scenery.

3. Get a yummy sandwich at Creekside at the base and let the kids pick out a big lolipop.

4. Try cross country skiing or snowshoeing at the Nordic Center.

5. Most important....plan a trip back in the summer.   Hiking, biking, horseback riding and of course the summer theater. It is worth the trip!