Wine-ing about the Canyons

By Powderhound Cat Jul 12, 2011
Wine-ing about the Canyons

Powderhound Matt was nice enough to let me join him at the Park City Food and Wine Classic's final event this past weekend, the Grand Summit at the Canyons. It was Veteran teaching Rookie as Matt showed me all that is essential for the perfect wine tasting afternoon.

I’d like to share the tips I learned as a set of Do’s and Don’ts.

Now, throw all the swish and smell and sommelier tips you’ve heard out the window and see what knowledge a ski resort summer party brings out!


*Remember to carefully document in a way that works for you just how many you’ve had:

img_1769 (img_1769)

*Remember to rehydrate. A little water goes a long way:

img_1787 (img_1787)

*Try new things! My favorite wine of the day was something I never knew existed:

img_1783 (img_1783)

*Look for the hidden gems! We found some amazing beer and sake in addition to the wine:

img_1824 (img_1824)

img_1792 (img_1792)

*Take time for all the amazing food:

img_1821 (img_1821)

*Make sure you have a safe ride home:

img_1841 (img_1841)



* Forget to take breaks and pace yourself. In the words oft repeated by many PC friends, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint!”

img_1806 (img_1806)

*Hang around the mascots. They don't like to share:

img_1816 (img_1816)

*Think events like this mean you have to ski to come visit our resorts:

img_1830 (img_1830)

There really was something for everyone this weekend, even if you prefer hard liquor to beer and wine.

img_1765 (img_1765)

We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to grab a glass and have some fun in the perfect event space that the Canyons put together.

img_1762 (img_1762)

If you didn't make it up to Park City, I'd put this event on your next summer calendar now! It's not to be missed!

If you did make it up, what was your favorite wine? Beer? Food?

I loved trying that Detour IPA, and it's a tough call between that and the Acme IPA.

Matt went for some Silver Oak and of course the Whiskey lemonade at High West, where I had the pomegranate and vodka drink.

Did you try Stein's Utah Buffalo? Delicious.


Powderhound Cat