Winter's Last Gasp?

By Powderhound Matt May 1, 2014
Remember folks, winter isn't finished until Snowbird says it is. Almost 30" fell on the Wasatch over the past couple of days. Have a look and see what you missed.
Winter's Last Gasp?

Mother Nature decided to roll back the calendar this week, to a time and place that felt far more like February than May. Our most recent storm cycle deposited 24 - 30 inches on the Upper Cottonwood Canyon Resorts. Alta skied incredibly well all weekend long but the real treat arrived late in the evening on Sunday. The original forecast was for 1-3 inches of snow that evening. As the night wore on the forecasters changed their tune big time. By Monday afternoon 13 inches of 7% density snow had fallen on Snowbird Resort. The last remaining skiers and riders in Utah were going bonkers! The Bird was officially going off! 

Temperatures are staying cold so the snow has been great all week. Alta reopens for their final weekend this Friday and there will be a ton of untracked consolidated powder to plunder. Snowbird on the other hand has plans to maintain skiing and riding right through Memorial Day.  

Keep your eye on the forecast because there is another chance for some snow come middle of next week. Remember Winters not done until Snowbird says so!