World Freestyle Event Park City/Deer Valley

By Mountain Mama Feb 15, 2011
World Freestyle Event Park City/Deer Valley

I'm a day late and a dollar short, but I wanted to share a quick look at our trip to the FIS Freestyle World Ski Championships held February 2-5, 2011 at both Deer Valley and Park City Mountain Resort.  There were aerials, mogals and ski cross competions at Deer Valley and slopestyle and halfpipe at Park City.  Both events at Park City were important because they are being considered as events to be accepted into the 2012 Olympics.

We decided to make a big day of it on Saturday as Emily had her Saturday Adventure program at Park City.  I mentioned in my previous blog that maybe Emily would take a step down in her class.  OH NO, she'd have none of that.  She is a child of habit and when she saw she was with another group for the day, she skied right over to Lacey to join her group.  The program pairs kids of equal skiing abilities together.  I felt maybe Em needed to take it a lttle easy, she disagreed!  An example of how to push children in a positive way.  Lacey spent some time explaining to Emily that you don't need to be scared when you approach a new slope, just learn how to tackle it in the proper way.  Em came out of the day with a big smile and feeling great!  If you get a chance to do multi-week programs, it is certainly a benifit.  The kids feel very comfortable with their instructor and also the kids they are with.  Getting down the hill is one thing, getting down the hill safely and tackling insecurities is different.  Something I could not teach Emily, Lacey has.  Like a school teacher, kids put great respect and responsiblity into the hands of their instructors.

Back to the halfpipe.  It was a bit blustery, so Brennan and I headed up to watch the competion.  Lets rephrase that, I headed up to watch, Bren headed up to roll in the snow. Bren at 1/2pipe (dsc_0169) So much for trying to explain the event to him and tell him that "this athlete is from France".  Not impressed...  OK, so with our VIP passes, we got to have some yummy food.Bren in VIP tent (dsc_0167) 

That was a hit.  Brennan really just wanted ski.  Wow!! OK, so after the event, we headed up First Time lift and Bren did his thing.  In the process of his sliding around the hill, we lost his goggles.  So, really "I" lost out since I was now stuck with my sunglasses and he had my goggles.  A word to the visitors, buy goggles.  I've seen people riding the lift in a snowstorm with sunglasses.  Doesn't work!  Don't try to put adult goggles on the kids either, they sell goggles for the little guys for about $20 and it is well worth it. 

After a few runs, Bren was tearing it up.  In fact, I couldn't keep up.  It's funny that instructors yell "pizza" when it is time for them to stop. They hit the brakes quick!  So, the next time you're on the slopes and hear "pizza", look around for a little person flying down the hill.

Kids at mogals (dsc_0175)

We picked up Em and headed over to Deer Valley for the mogal qualifications.  Emily was tired after all day skiing, but she is such a trouper and away we went.  We again had VIP tickets, so we warmed up in the VIP tent.  Emily decided she wanted to sit on the couch. (There was one or two where the athletes were taking a rest.)  Joey Discoe was getting ready to race and having a rest.  Emily walked slowly over and sat right next to him.  The picture tells the story.Em with Joey (dsc_0177) 

He was very gracious and Emily was then interested in watching the mogals to see how "her friend" did.  Hard to explain to them at this age, but one day she will appreciate this very cute picture of when she was 5!

We didn't make it to the finals, but it is a good experience for the kids to see these athletes competing on a world level.  It's amazing what they absorb and remember. 

We are lucky to have this great experience.

us on podium (dsc_0195)

So...if you are ever in Park City the end of January/ first part of February; check out the Freestyle event.  It is free and open to the public.  Keep in mind, the 2002 Olympics were held on these very same runs.

Second, if you can get your child into any multi-week lessons, a great experience.

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