Would You UTAHLORADO? Ski COtah?

By Powderhound Cat Jan 29, 2015
Musings on the concept - the pros and cons of UT, not vs. CO, but kind of.
Would You UTAHLORADO? Ski COtah?

We play nice around here. In Utah and specifically within Ski Utah's walls. Why not? Life is good.

After 5 years of skiing The Greatest Snow on Earth (and literally nowhere else), Colorado scared me. But this year I fell into a huge opportunity for a career that would transition me into the wild west world of Utahlorado - as my friend @semirad so adeptly defined in his killer article. So there you have it, I'm now working in both in Utah and Colorado. 

This article got me thinking. How is life different skiing in the two worlds that are so similar, yet so different? @semirad nails the fun stuff - the pros and cons of the merger. What do you think?

Utahns LOVE Utah. They move from gorgeous beachfront condos in La Jolla to be there. They experience mountain town culture in the best imaginable way. World travelers fall in love and settle in the Wasatch. The skiing can't be beat. We get a lot right. Free parking is nice. The accessibility is beyond belief. We have the upper hand with more skiing and fun in a denser, compact area. If you're not at Sundance, you have FOMO right now, it’s just the truth. And the steeps just feel - steeper.

Then there’s my new ‘home’. The city living can’t be beat in Denver. And in fact, people in the city are MORE active. Despite commuting I-70 to the hills everyone I meet hardly complains. They find a way. Actually less than the griping I hear from LCC/BCC drivers. We not-so-secretly like watching it snow out to the west from the milder city climate when we plan weekday or weekend adventures. The icing on the cake? PRO SPORTS. Don’t get me wrong I despise the Broncos (#GOPATS #SB49) I did get to see the Bruins for my birthday and it just made me feel so warm and fuzzy.

The drive, you can survive. Spending nights at Vail and Breckenridge make it worth it. It’s a whole different experience, being a CO mountain visitor. Best of both worlds - ski town locals and tourists and you're just one of the regular Joes, not a seasoned expert. We can debate all day what wins - but both are so cool for different reasons. The Utalorado posts works in the 'why can’t we all get along' kind of way. And those international tourists? The #jerryoftheday crew? Well they can have CO and we’ll kinda keep UT to ourselves. Deal?


This is all we learn - if we look at it honestly. Utahns are unbelievably spoiled. Whatever got you there may have clouded your perspective. The ski town dynamics in CO are different with distance. The UT advantage can't be beat. Let's never forget how good we have it.

And Utahns can keep joking they can't see the skiing from Denver. And Denver will take a deep, introspective exhale...

See you around - and when you see me I MAY very likely be in one of @semirad's shirts...

*Let it snow on us all, but mostly in UT*

Powderhound Cat